Spinning Wheels on display

Negaard Sigrid Spinning Wheel

Our lifestyle today doesn’t include much spinning

Lives today and in years past were busy lives and very creative, but in totally different ways. The Pioneer days had many tasks that were not easy tasks. They made most of their clothes after making cloth. Today if clothes are made there is an array of fabric to choose from in many fabric department of various stores.

Even the washing of clothes has changed drastically from days gone by where you used a scrub board and had another tub of rinse water and now you throw the clothes into a washing machine that washes the clothes, rinses and spins the water out of the clothes.

The modern conveniences have changed that make tasks so much easier, but women still enjoy some of the same hobbies and fun activities.

Stop in at the Wadena County Historical Society where you can see our collection of spinning wheels that are on display in either our Parlor, Country Store, or Needle Nook Room.